Windy Hill Orchards is owned & operated by the Noonkester family. It
has been in the family for over 100 years. We just grow a few different
varieties than half a century ago. Come see us!

Our Business

As an Integrated Pest Management orchard, we use a very low spray
program, & integrated pest management. We enjoy eating fruit right
off of the tree without worrying about our health. Also our Lady Bugs
and Praying Mantis can fly off after being sprayed. And as of 2009,
we went a little more to the organic side using fish oil with kelp

We decided to become a pick your own orchard in 2000. Since then
we have entertained quite a few people coming out to the orchard to
pick their own. And there is nothing like a fresh piece of fruit picked
right off of the tree. Also you can come to the orchard on Thursdays
during apple season, & watch us make cider, and buy fresh cider
straight from the press.
About Us
All of the fruit that goes into our products, comes directly off of our
trees, never picked up off of the ground. When it goes into the shed,
it's all washed once. Then the bruised or ugly fruit goes into the other
shed, where it is washed again up to three more times before it is
used for our other products; ie: jams, butters, or ciders.

We Now Use Neptune's Harvest Products

We have been using organic fish oil & kelp since 2009. To purchase
some of the same products we use, see us here at the shed.

See our "Services" page for days & times.