We carry a full line of butters & jams all year. We are pressing
cider every Thursday starting with the first Thursday of September,
through November. The public is invited to come and watch. We
are closed on Sundays.

Deb's Country Favorites

We have a long list of Butters & Jams. We even have apple
sauce! And Yes!! We do make raw apple cider!! Come out to the
orchard to get it fresh made every Thursday, (during the apple
season). We also now make cider vinegar...Yum!

JR Watkins Products

We now sell JR Watkins products at our orchard, including their
organic seasonings. We carry their wonderful hand lotions,
sneezless black pepper, all natural vanilla oil and other natural
seasonings. We even carry their cough medicine, which works!


All of the fruit that goes into our products, comes directly off of our
trees, or vines and canes, never picked up off of the ground. When
it goes into the shed, it's all washed once. Then the bruised or ugly
fruit goes into the other shed, where it is washed again up to three
more times before it is used for our other products; ie: jams,
butters, or ciders.

We Now Use Neptune's Harvest Products

We started using Neptune's Harvest natural organic products in
2015. We have been using organic fish oil & kelp since 2009. To
purchase some of the same products we use, see us here at the

2019 Due Dates for Fruit

Blueberries - June

Peaches - mid July

Grapes - July and August

Blackberries - July

Apples - Start picking August 1st, with Gala's