Welcome to

Windy Hill Orchards
A 'Pick Your Own' Orchard
Blueberries - Due May 30th

Peaches - Due the 3rd week of June. We do have a good crop of peaches
this year.

Blackberries - Due in July

Grapes - First grapes due in July

Apples -  Gala's due in Aug....We have a beautiful crop of apples this year.

We have
raw cider at the shed for purchase. We also have raw cider
vinegar available.....

To Find us, go to the 'Contact' page of this web site...

Please DO NOT try to find us with GPS. You WILL get lost.)

Call before you come, please? (276) 692-8156 or (276) 692-8157

Note our Spring & Summer hours:
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm
Closed Sunday
and Monday: Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment.

Please see our current events page for the latest happenings.

Fresh Cider - We make fresh cider every Thursday during the apple season.
(We will start making cider the 1st Thursday of Sept.)

We have Apple Cider for sale at the shed now.

Jams & Butters - year round

Dried Apples - available during apple season only.

Apple Cider Vinegar - available all year.  

We have jams & butters & cider vinegar at the shed for sale year round.